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Wolverhampton Wrestling Club

Home of Champions
Est 1972

Founded in 1972, 

our goal is to provide a supportive and challenging environment for wrestlers of all skill levels to develop their skills, strength, and character.

At our club, we believe that wrestling is not just a sport, but a discipline that can help individuals to become the best version of themselves. We take inspiration from those that were here before us and who paved the way.

Our coaches are experienced wrestlers themselves and have a deep understanding of the sport. They are committed to helping each and every athlete reach their full potential, both on and off the mat.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned competitor, we are confident that you will find something valuable at our club. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and become the best athlete you can be.

The lessons learnt on the mat becomes a lifestyle off the mat, providing early interventions for children and young adults, instilling discipline, respect and skills for life. Being situated at the Cannock Road Sikh Gurudwara for nearly 30 years, has established a unique way of community cohesion amongst all faiths and backgrounds.


We have a longstanding proud tradition of producing Olympic calibre athletes and National Champions

Performance Pathways

We have unique tried and tested development schemes built over decades across Wrestling, MMA and Newly Formed Kabaddi.


The art of wrestling goes back to the early days of civilisation. We believe that to be able to wrestle from a young age gives children the best start in life, from being able to build strength and athleticism, to the softer skills such as respect, discipline, communication, humility and teamwork. To be able to build discipline in such a natural sport like wrestling gives children a base of basic coordination skills as well as building a disciplined life off the mats. Wolverhampton Wrestling Club is an affiliate of the British Wrestling Association and Official Partners with British Judo.


The best base for MMA is to learn to wrestle. Before MMA had its boom in popularity, Wolverhampton Wrestling Club has been and still are building strong grappling foundations within combat athletes. As well as building these foundations, we proactively use this as a method to take young people off of the street and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. The same ethos is found at our partner clubs Ronin MMA, Intensity MMA, SP Boxing and the British Judo Center.


Having a strong foundation in circle style Kabaddi spanning over 3 decades, Wolverhampton Wrestling Club are one of the founding members / organisations for the British Kabaddi League with the first ever BKL event being held in Wolverhampton 2022. BKL is partnered with BBC Sport and BBC Asian Network.

Worldclass Coaching

World Class Coaching

Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Ranjit Singh

Head Coach, Project Lead

- Started Competing in Freestyle Wrestling at a young age

- Started the role of the family run legacy at a young age

- Driven to grow and develop the club and sport on a local, national and international level


Head Coach for Development of the Junior Squad

- Started Competing in Freestyle Wrestling at a young age

- Only Briths Qualifier at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

- Division 1 Bundesliga Wrestler

- Second to none in Wrestling Expertise


Junior Team Coach

- Started Competing in Freestyle Wrestling at a young age

- International Competitor

- High Level Wrestling knowledge and expertise

Our Classes


6pm - 7:30pm

Juniors and Seniors

coached by Kash and Sab at Wolverhampton Wrestling Club.

Tuesday and

Thursday 6:30pm - 8:30pm

These are the senior classes

coached by Head Coach Ranjit Singh at Wolverhampton Wrestling Club.

Saturday 10am - 12pm

Juniors class coached by Sab and Kash at Wolverhampton Wrestling Club.

Monday and


7pm - 8:30pm

MMA Wrestling Coached by Ranjit Singh at Ronin MMA, Birmingham.

Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

MMA Wrestling Coached by Ranjit Singh at Intensity MMA, Willenhall.

Friday 7:30pm - 9pm

Junior and Senior Wrestling at the British Judo Centre, Walsall.

Our Athletes

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team consists of beginners and experienced wrestlers who have competed nationally and internationally. The culture of the club is that everyone trains with everyone so all abilities are welcome, all you need is the right attitude.

Our Affiliated Clubs

Learn to Wrestle at the following of these WWC Affiliated Clubs

Intensity MMA


Ronin MMA


British Judo Centre




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