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Affiliate Projects

Building strong community foundations are part of Wolverhampton Wrestling Club's ethos, and to put the words into actions here is how WWC engages with the community and region.


60% of communal engagement that WWC has is with  Non-Sikh community. This in turn builds trust and effective communication within all communities on a ground level. 

Youth Justice Board

WWC are National Partners with the Youth Justice Board having been involved in the National Youth Justice Board Conference in 2023. 


Youth Charter

WWC are National Partners with the Youth Charter Social Community Hub. 2023 saw the start of Social Coach Workshop Programs at the club.

Levelling the Playing Field

WWC are National Partners with Levelling the Playing Field in helping deliver the project aims in using sport to engage with ethnically diverse youth who are likely to enter or are already involved with the criminal justice system. 


Youth Offending Team

We are National Partners with the Youth Offending Team working closely in taking on referrals. 


Autism Awareness is one of the club's ethos. Neurodiverse and different abled individuals are welcome to the club, it becomes a wholesome learning process for our cohort as well as developing understanding for everyone.


School Programmes

WWC run multi sport camps all through half terms where it becomes a chance for children and young people to develop life and sport skills.

Future developments include taking Wrestling and Kabaddi into secondary schools.

Wolverhampton City Council

WWC work closely with Wolverhampton City Council within community engagement programs. Wolverhampton City Council have been key in WWC organisational structure.


We are not just a Wrestling Club, 
We are a Wrestling Project.

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